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by Jodi Detrick on January 28, 2013

How many things do you know “by heart?”  Your address…your cell phone number? How about your favorite song, your child’s face–or how to get to your best friend’s house, even in the dark?  To know something by heart is to know it inside out, forwards and backwards, without having to look it up.  That by heart thing (or person, or action) has become so dear, and so familiar, that it’s just second nature.

What would it look like to live life by heart?  I’m still learning but I think it might mean words like grace, hope, and faith would stop being concepts we have to “look up” because we can’t quite remember how they actually fit into our daily, real-world, messy lives. I think it would mean we always know the way to where God is, even in the dark–maybe especially in the dark.

I hope you’ll join me and that together, we can explore life, by heartto think, trust, and love from a deeper place.

{By the way, I’ve just recently joined the blogging world but I have “back stocked” this site with some favorites from past Seattle Times columns I’ve written over the years. Hope you enjoy!}



by Jodi Detrick on November 26, 2014

Grandchildren have to be one of God’s best ideas.  Growing up, I had grandparents who were especially close and I reaped the benefit of their lavish love and attention. Now that I’m on the other end of the equation (all my grandparents are gone and I get to be the Grammy), I understand why their faces would light up when they saw me and my siblings coming through the front door…especially during the holidays.

      If being a parent is one long classroom in the school of life (and it is—we learned so much from our kids, and from raising them), then being a grandparent is like being in the graduate school of joy. The tutorials are more specialized and you find yourself wanting to stay after class.

With Thanksgiving just ahead, I was thinking about the lesson in pre-gratitude my oldest grandgirl, Lilia, taught me a few years ago. [click to continue…]


I Could Church There

November 12, 2014

The variety of church names out there never ceases to amaze, and sometimes amuse, me. Recently I heard about a church that calls itself, Winner’s Circle, a term most frequently associated with that small, circular enclosure at a racetrack where winning horses and their jockeys receive awards and bask in the admiration of the crowd. […]

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Hope is Budding Along with Spring Trees

Thumbnail image for Hope is Budding Along with Spring Trees March 19, 2011

As I write this, the rains pour relentlessly outside my office window—again. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life, however, I am not so easily fooled. While it may look like winter, and still feel like winter, spring is just days away. Despite all the doubters, spring keeps showing up. Once again, […]

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Any Day

Thumbnail image for Any Day April 25, 2009

While reading a chapter in the Bible recently, I came across a notation I’d previously made in the margin beside a particular verse. (Yes, I write in my Bible—the words of scripture are sacred to me, not the ink and paper itself. Making notes and journaling help me pay attention to what I’m learning and […]

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Taking Care of Little Things Makes a Big Difference

Thumbnail image for Taking Care of Little Things Makes a Big Difference May 10, 2008

Little things mean a lot. Often, it’s the omission of those little things which can create the biggest pain and havoc in life. On January 31, 2000, Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashed into the Pacific Ocean near California. 88 people died. An investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board found that an in-flight failure of […]

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Negative Self-Talk or Ears to Hear?

Thumbnail image for Negative Self-Talk or Ears to Hear? February 23, 2008

Does this ever happen to anyone else? I’m blowing my hair dry, trying to get my damp locks under key for the day…and then, wouldn’t you know it! There goes my cell phone with its unmistakable ringtone. But when I turn off the deafening dryer to see who’s calling…actually, no one is. I’m hearing a […]

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Gracious Living: Extraordinary Influence in Ordinary Lives

Thumbnail image for Gracious Living: Extraordinary Influence in Ordinary Lives September 1, 2007

The word gracious is not one you hear tossed around a lot in casual conversation these days. People used to say, “Goodness gracious!” when they were shocked at something. That sounds rather quaint to our ears since we now frequently hear another, shall we say, more colorful blend of terms when someone is distressed. That […]

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