The variety of church names out there never ceases to amaze, and sometimes amuse, me. Recently I heard about a church that calls itself, Winner’s Circle, a term most frequently associated with that small, circular enclosure at a racetrack where winning horses and their jockeys receive awards and bask in the admiration of the crowd.

It struck me as odd that a church would a) want to have a name associated with horse racing and b) would want to paint a picture of themselves as a small, circular enclosure reserved only for winners, trophies, and grand champions. Not many of us would fit into such an exclusive place. I sure wouldn’t. And even if they let me in, I’d spend my time being intimidated by all the winners and their shiny trophies.  I’d berate myself for not training harder or running faster to truly be deserving of my place in the Winner’s Circle.

Actually, I think a better name for a church might be Loser’s Acres. It would be an expansive space with plenty of room for the lame, the broken down, the eliminated…a place where the wearily disqualified could find pasture, rest, and healing. In that place, all boasting would be about Jesus, the only true Champion.

I could church there, for sure.

Prayer: Lord, may I always put my confidence only in You and never in human strength or achievement. In You alone, my loss becomes gain. You are my Champion.

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