Giving is the outward expression of a Jesus-owned heart. It is our hands leaving His fingerprints of generosity–His DNA of grace–on those we touch with kindness.

But sometimes we wonder, what do we really have to offer to those around us that’s of lasting value. I’ve come up with my Top 20-ish Gift LGiftsist that might just get you started:

Give a listening ear to an elderly person who wants to tell you a story you’ve already heard a bazillion times before.

Give room in your lane for the car that’s waiting to break into traffic.

Give a smile to the waitress who just brought you the wrong order.

Give a hug to your mom and dad whenever you see them…no matter how old you are.  And grandparents get double hugs!

Give weight to the lofty aspirations of a dreamer.

Give someone a break when they least deserve it.

Give yourself boundaries and goals.

Give attention and affection to a child who isn’t so attractive or naturally talented.

Give respect and the privilege of being heard to those with whom you disagree.

Give another round of kind words to the people you spoke kindly to yesterday–especially your family–and then do it again tomorrow.

Give your loudest applause to those who are just starting.

Give the weak your arm…give the strong your acceptance…give the doubting your faith…give the hurting your tears.

Give time…give grace…give cash.

Give laughter.

Give God your heart and others your best.

Let God, the giving Creator, make you a creative giver. Then just watch what happens when love is unwrapped.


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