1.  I have the sweetest family and the most wonderful friends. (Thanks to all who lit up the way into this new decade with your many colorful expressions of celebration and kindness!)

2.  Each year, each day, each moment is a gift. Aging only means my stack of blessings has grown larger.

3.  These shoulders still can’t carry weight-of-the-world sized problems. God is the only One big enough for that and He’s volunteered for the job.

4.  There are still weight-of-the-world sized problems. No decade is exempt from struggle; perplexity and pain do not age out of the human condition. (Note to self: see point 3.)

5.  I have so much to learn. I thought I would have things so much more “figured out” by now–but no, I am still figuring, still wrestling, still learning.

6.  I get to choose the tilt of my heart.

With the brokenness, injustice, and just plain old evil in the world, the heart is often pulled downward, by default. But I can–I do–choose to angle my heart upward towards hope, goodness, beauty…towards God.

My biggest 60s wish is that my upward-tilted heart will reflect the radiance of His tenacious love and cast a warm light onto every weary soul I encounter on my way through the decade ahead. Okay. (Deep breath.) Here I go…

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