If pain from the past is on repeat in your head and heart, know this. Living in turmoil today doesn’t fix yesterday. Finding peace in the present is often the first step to a kind of healing that somehow redeems the past. Out of that peace, we find courage and wisdom to know what to do next–even if it is just to quietly, prayerfully wait for God to fix what we cannot.

Here’s the thing: the Eternal One redeems even the most crazy, messed up, broken parts of our stories. That’s why I had this little cuff bracelet made as a self-reminder to stop letting past regrets steal today’s joys: NO REWIND. ONLY REDEMPTION.
To anyone who needs and reads this truth: take a big, deep breath of relief that you aren’t meant to live forever under the heavy weight of “then.” Jesus, the Redeemer of past pain is also the Peace-Giver for “now.” And that makes moving towards all that is yet to come a more hopeful journey. #inthistogether #norewindonlyredemption