It’s a remarkable thing when a mere human and the mighty God walk together so closely that their reputations become entwined. In Genesis 4:15 Pharaoh looked to Joseph for God-like feats.

Sometimes others ask of us what only God can do: untangle years of relational conflicts, provide answers to unanswerable quandaries, quick-fix habits or flaws ingrained by decades of practice. And sometimes WE ask of ourselves what only God can do. 

But Joseph was quick to set Pharaoh straight as to Who really held the power in this equation:

“I AM NOT ABLE TO,” Joseph answered Pharaoh.

I AM NOT ABLE TO. There is such freedom in that statement. It cuts us loose from the expectations others. It shears through the chains of pride and performance. It forges an even deeper sense of our utter dependence on God for anything remotely ‘God-like’ that is asked of us. It points others away from us and upward to HIM and what He alone can do. 

“IT IS GOD who will give Pharaoh a favorable answer.” (Gen. 41:15-16)

Some days, the wisest, strongest thing we can say to the demands that come knocking at our door is this: I CAN’T. HE CAN. That’s pretty much it.


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