donandjodiIf you were to ask, “Tell me about Jodi–the really important stuff,” here’s what I’d say:

I’m a noticer, a word-wrestler, one who uses up the last drop of her daily allotment of grace–and often has to ask for more. I rarely get things right the first time, but I’m learning that starting over in multiples isn’t as bad as you might think. I wonder…a lot, about a lot of things. But not so much that I’ve lost my sense of wonder with this adventure called life.

I gasp at the sweetness in my three grandgirls faces and I’ve been known to blow kisses to trees with pink in their hair. That “grow old along with me” poem?? Yeah–Don & I are doing that (slowly, I hope). But I love him more now than when we said “I do” back in the 1970s — even though we had NO idea WHAT we were doing! Can’t believe God gave us three sweet kids along the way–and no, you never stop being a mom or asking them to let you know they made it home safely, even when they’re all grown up with wonderful spouses who are quite capable of monitoring such matters, thank you very much!

If you ask what I want to do for the rest of my life, here’s what I’ll say: I want to keep having meaningful conversations with others about things that matter…I want to write in a way that compels minds to think, hearts to open, and spirits to stretch Godward on tiptoe. I want to resist the pull to play it safe, be moderate, & show only my best side. When I pray, “Be big in me, O God,” I want to mean it. And one more thing…I want to drink coffee and eat cupcakes whenever possible.



And now for the more official things you might want to know about me:

I’m ajhwn author and, for almost seven years, I had the privilege of being a columnist for The Seattle Times, one of America’s leading newspapers which has 1.8 million readers. As an avid reader (I fell madly in love with books in the second grade–we’ve never had a break-up yet) and experienced writer, I’ve been published in numerous books, magazines, journals, and e-zines. My new book (yippee!!), The Jesus-Hearted Woman: 10 Leadership Qualities for Enduring & Endearing Influence, was released in 2013.

In addition to being a personal and leadership coach who enjoys helping my clients get “unstuck” so they can move forward in their lives, I’m a frequent speaker at various events and conferences for all kinds of groups across America. I absolutely love to talk to people at heart-level about things that matter most. When I speak, it’s important to me to weave together humor, life-in-the-real-world stories, and relatable issues with solid biblical truths in a way that brings hope, sparks greater faith, and encourages true life-change. I’m always amazed at what God has up His big sleeve when people who want to know and love Him more and come together in His presence!



I have a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) seminary degree in leadership–so grateful for all I learned on my academic journey at AGTS…and quite thankful that my fifty-ish brain didn’t implode when I went back to school at an (ahem) advanced age!  For almost a decade I served as the Women’s Ministries Director for the Northwest Ministry Network where it was my privilege to develop, equip, and encourage women leaders. I also served a term as national Chairperson for the Network for Women in Ministry and I’m an adjunct professor at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. I live with one of the best guys God ever made, my minister-husband Don, in the rainy Pacific Northwest where lattes are always a good idea.