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Jodi Detrick is a seasoned communicator who frequently speaks for various groups and denominations at conferences, retreats, church events, and leadership training venues across the United States. Audiences appreciate her use of humor and the real-life stories she weaves into her messages.  And they can relate to her authentic, interactive, down-to-earth style. 

When Jodi speaks, expect plenty of laughter, some tear-filled eyes, and more than a few nodding heads and ‘knowing looks’ when her words hit home.  But Jodi knows what really counts is not her communication style or a gifted delivery–instead, it’s the combination of powerful biblical truths, open hearts, and God’s presence at work to bring about life-change and renewed hope. That is her ardent prayer and her real goal every time she stands before a group to speak–no exceptions.  Click here to see a list of Jodi’s speaking topics.

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Single Talk Topics:

  • The Jesus-Hearted Woman: Your Journey to Influence
  • Spiritual DNA: What are You Leaving Behind in this World?Jodi in Kentucky
  • God’s Footsteps: Hearing the Holy in a Noisy World
  • BE-Attitudes for a Beautiful Marriage
  • Portion: What’s On Your Plate? Hope for the Overwhelmed Woman
  • G.R.O.W. – The Amazing Journey of Becoming
  • The “Sighs” of Your Ministry – (Appropriate for females in ministry and ministry wives)
  • What I Wish I Knew Then: 10 Lessons about Ministry Life I Learned Along the Way (Appropriate for females in ministry and ministry wives)
  • Reflections: Mirroring God’s Glory in My Ordinary Life
  • Generations – Passing On the Legacy
  • The Better Life: Straight Talk to Leaders who Want God’s Best


  • Sharpening Your Leadership (A Workshop)
  • The Discerning Leader (A Workshop)
  • Once Upon a Time: The Power of Your Story (A Workshop)
  • Writing for a Secular Audience (A Workshop)

 Series (more than one session):

  • The Jesus-Hearted Woman: Your Journey to Influencephoto 3
  • Thirsty (Based on John 4, Jesus and the woman at the well).
  • Love Revealed (Alternate theme also based on John 4)  
  • Life: What a Trip!
  • Ministry Mettle: Gutsy Servanthood & the Courageous Woman
  • Destiny & the Ordinary Woman (based on Esther)
  • True Treasures
  • Seasons: Walking with a Changeless God in a Changing World
  • Survival Skills for Stressed-Out Women


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